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Our launch and thoughts about video games in education

Recent research shows that 79% of the total online population has engaged with games often and in more than one way. These are game enthusiasts, people that not only play video games but watch other players on various channels and are part of communities that meet to socialize while playing together on platforms like Roblox.

Gaming is much more than a form of entertainment. It has become a language that new generations speak fluently and that is bound to become, if it is not already, a pillar of the culture of our society.

At GES 2023 in Barcelona, it emerged clearly that local administrations and national institutions have already begun integrating video games into their services, at least in some parts of the world. Both the city of Barcelona and the region of Catalunya are paying great attention to the video game and eSports sector. Catalunya is the top EU region in foreign investment in the video game sector.

Video games have been identified as a powerful educational tools for people to learn in a way that is currently the closest it gets to real experience. In a market where the only constant is change, the traditional, repetitive, rigid, way to teach skills is becoming less and less effective. Simulations environments like video games are much more capable in transferring not only knowledge but also experience to the player.

Moreover video games can convey complex concepts allowing the player to grasp, memorize, recall, and create much more articulated solutions to complex problems. The ability to deal with complexity is a requirement for every modern professional. This is what makes resilient workforces, thriving professional environments, and successful companies with a positive impact on society.

More and more knowledge and experience will be transferred using video games because more and more people are using this channel of communication. Recent research shows that the great majority of Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen-Alpha play video games on multiple platforms, principally PC/Console, while the number of people that use mobile phones exclusively increases with their age, making mobile the main platform for Gen-X and Boomers.

Video games are becoming a platform, a layer of our culture, and are ideal to teach and learn a complete new set of skills that until now were very difficult to measure and to train in a scalable way: human skills, also referred to as soft skills.

It’s intriguing how a digital environments like video games have become instrumental in teaching us how to be more effective in our real life.

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